Our Beginning In Christ

Easier to plan — easier to celebrate


In the Sacrament of Matrimony, yours is a role that is both unique and vital — counselor, confessor, spiritual advisor and celebrant. With such an important role, having a resource that can make the planning and celebration of the wedding ceremony as organized and convenient as possible is essential. Fireside Catholic Publishing is proud to introduce Our Beginning In Christ, a two-book resource designed to simplify every aspect of pre-marital preparation and planning for the ceremony itself.

Our Beginning In Christ  —  Wedding Ceremony Planner for Couples and Celebrants

For the couples you serve, each and every detail is important in making their wedding a day they'll treasure forever. Our Beginning In Christ: Wedding Ceremony Planner ensures that every liturgical aspect of their special day is true to their wishes, and provides important spiritual source material for their long-term growth as a couple.

Present the couple with a copy of Our Beginning In Christ: Wedding Ceremony Planner during your first meeting together. The first half of the planner allows them to read through and choose from the options available for their Readings, Acclamations, Prayers and Blessings.  By sitting down with the couple and this planner, your insight can guide them to the Words of God that speak to them most. 

Have them record their choices on the removable Wedding Plan and Information for the Celebrant form, and return it well in advance of the ceremony.  You'll use this later when preparing for the ceremony.

The second half of Our Beginning In Christ: Wedding Ceremony Planner features 19 articles covering subject areas critical to a lasting, unified relationship.  Give them the planner as a gift at the beginning of your marriage preparation sessions. By reading and discussing these topics, and through deeper study of the included bible and Catechism references, the bride and groom can continue to build their faith long after their wedding day.

Our Beginning In Christ  —  Wedding Ceremony Handbook for the Celebrant

With Our Beginning In Christ: Wedding Ceremony Handbook for the Celebrant, performing the actual ceremony is simple and organized.  This essential handbook features a three-ring binder with corresponding pages for each of the Prayers, Blessings and Rites available for the Nuptial Mass.

Once the couple has made their Liturgical choices, those pages can be moved to the front of the handbook for an easy-to-follow reference when performing the ceremony. A convenient divider separates the pages needed for a specific wedding from the rest of the book.  All pages are printed in easy-to-read GIANT PRINT on durable, long-lasting stock.  Since each page is clearly numbered, you can easily return it to its proper place after the ceremony.


The Catholic Ceremony Bible  — A Treasured Keepsake They'll Cherish Forever.

Developed in combination with Our Beginning In Christ, the Catholic Wedding Bible brings additional meaning to the wedding ceremony.  Beautifully designed, and features a special center-section highlighting scripture specific to the Nuptial Mass, it can be placed on the ambo to be used in the ceremony. With colorful, repositionable tabs used to mark the Readings, Responsorial Psalms, Acclamations and Gospel, the lector or priest is conveniently led to the text to be proclaimed.  After the ceremony, present it to the couple as a Sacramental of their wedding day, a spiritual guide to keep their marriage strong and a family heirloom they'll pass on from generation to generation.

  To learn more, view the "Our Beginning In Christ" instructional video