Bible Facts

Bible Facts

Why do Catholics choose the NABRE?

The New American Bible Revised Edition translation is the approved translation by the  U.S. Bishops Council.

How to look up a Bible chapter and verse

For example: Exodus 7:14-18

To look up a Bible chapter and verse, first open your Bible to the table of contents and find the name of the book you are looking up (example: Exodus). Turn to this book and find the number of the chapter you are looking up (example, chapter 7). You can find the Chapter numbers at the top of each page. Then immediately following this, look up the number (or range of numbers) for the verses you are seeking.

What are footnotes?

Footnotes explain the meaning of various Bible passages with historical references, words or connotations. They help us to further understand or explain what a verse means.

How should I read the Bible?

Many find it helpful to start with the gospels or to set aside a certain amount of time each day for a few chapters. It may not always be the best idea to start with Genesis, as this can seem like a big project to tackle. Start with a book that is of interest to you and go from there.

What is the meaning of the word "Testament?"

The word "testament," in reference to the Bible, means a pact, an agreement or a covenant. The Old Testament is the pact or alliance that God made with the Hebrew people through the Patriarchs and Moses. The New Testament is the covenant or the alliance that God made with all mankind whereby all can be saved through Jesus Christ.